Fiber Glass Doors And Kitchen Cabinets

Polytech Doors was found in 2001 by the founder of company Mr. M Javed Mughal. He started company at
Gujranwala. Gujranwala is a well known city for its fabulous art work in doors field. Polytech works in both
home and office categories and present fantastic doors & Kitchen Cabinets to their customers which enhance
the beauty of customer home or office. It’s now up to 18 years of experience in fiber doors & raw materials
manufacturing and now company work with more skilled and experienced staff. Commitment and high
quality is a basic thing which increases the glory of Polytech in field. Each member of skilled staff never
compromise on the quality of work and always try to produce products which improve positive changes.
Polytech offer many choices to their customers. Polytech works under the role of “Do it best in first time”.
We combine tradition and modern design to gather and present doors with elegance look to our customers.
Skilled staff and modern equipment produce fiber work quality with innovative design. Customers of Polytech
trust on brand name.

Mr. M Sunil Mughal